+ Emotional Resilience Capacity Building

Let’s face it, simply being a person of color in America today is stressful, to say the least—and subjects an individual to a number of psychosocial risks. Resilience is the ability of an individual to successfully deal with, adapt to, handle, cope with, and recover from them.

Corporate Wellness and Culture Building +

Building culture starts and ends with safety. By focusing on creating safe space in the workplace, we are able to address the foundational challenges that organziations face when fostering and cultivating diversity. Inspired by individuals in all social and professional spheres who express challenges representing their truest self in the external world.

+ Building the Emotional Voice for Men of Color

Coping and wellness begin with awareness.

Through the power of self-exploration and sharred vunerability, Create the Space is giving men of color a voice by which to own, feel, and release the truths that have we've been quietly bearing in solitude.

In an effort to bring communal healing to our men of color, in partnership with Dr. Cathia Walters-Knights, we've designed a talk series that massages the male psyche while building community - one conversation at a time.