Stories of Self-Exploration from the Heart… for People Like Us*

*Allies welcome and encouraged

A Series of Stories of Self-Exploration from the Heart  Presented by Creator Denzel Herrera-Davis   NEXT EVENT: Aug 22nd, 2019 7:30 pm - 10 pm | Spirithaus Gallery

A Series of Stories of Self-Exploration from the Heart

Presented by Creator Denzel Herrera-Davis

NEXT EVENT: Aug 22nd, 2019 7:30 pm - 10 pm | Spirithaus Gallery

Stories of Self-Exploration from the Heart
Creator: Denzel Z. Herrera-Davis

2ME4U is a live talk show format that invites meaningful conversation focused on intimate self-reflection. This series highlights the importance and power of self-reflection with the greater purpose of fostering community through shared vulnerability. Think of it as having a conversation between you (ego) and yourself (higher-self), on stage for the listening and learning pleasure of others. Think it, feel it, say it. No apologies.

We kick off with a “Speed Intimacy” to warm things up and then right into unfiltered truth-telling. Each event will feature different men of color from the community sharing their story while we "hold the space".  The atmosphere is casual, fun, and loving. After our featured speakers we invite people from the audience to share on the open mic (everyone welcome)! No reading or notes allowed - just bring your vulnerable and unfiltered stories.

2ME4U explores a myriad of voices, life experiences, and wellness topics by which people can self-identify - delivering impact in a social way. Denzel Herrera-Davis, founder of Create The Space, will host this live foundational series on self-exploration while sharing stories from his life and the lives of others.  

Doors Open: 7:30

Truth-Telling Begins: 8:00



Take a moment and sit with yourself. What is something you have had trouble acknowledging or verbalizing or otherwise would like to share with our listeners? Join us as we invite social to meet impact and create the space for you to share your intimate and vulnerable thoughts, moments, experiences, and realizations. Feel it. Own it. Share it. We are always looking for people like you - us!



We are actively seeking out 2ME4U participants from the local community.

If you are interested in sharing a bit of your own truth and fostering community through vulnerability in a SAFE and SOCIAL space then we’re here for you!

Submit a request to connect with us. We’ll take you through our frameworks and help you identify your truths to share in a curated and safe space.

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How It Works

  1. Tap In

    You sit with yourself and tap into your own deep truths (memories, moments, experiences, desires, and realizations) that have been difficult to own or verbalize.

  2. Contact

    You request a Soul Session on the form above.

  3. Collaborate

    We meet up and help you go deep and identify the hidden gems that your audience will learn from and love.

  4. SHare

    You share your unadulterated truths on stage in a SAFE SPACE.

  5. IMpact

    Inspire, liberate, and connect with people in your community who may then feel compelled to share their own truth! (Awesome, right?)